Major MapleStory M Content Update Releases Two New Classes – Buccaneer and Marksman


Nexon has released the latest major content update to the popular mobile MMORPG MapleStory M. Players are introduced to two new Explorer classes; the Buccaneer and the Marksman.

“The all-new Buccaneer Explorer allows players to engage in thrilling close combat with overpowering charged up attacks. Meanwhile, the Marksman Explorer is lethal with its crossbow giving higher critical damage from close range, whereas it gives higher final damage with farther range. These Explorers join a fray of characters ready to challenge the latest Expedition Boss: Corrupted Empress Cygnus. Upon defeat of Corrupted Empress Cygnus, players can obtain the Dream Stone, which can be used to craft the ‘Empress Equipment Set.'”

Also new to the game is the arrival of the Expedition boss Corrupted Empress Cygnus. Gather your friends and guildies and challenge her in the  Expedition for exclusive dream stones.

The content update also adds the new Link Skills and Secondary Weapons. Link skills gives players the ability to teach a special skill to characters in the same server. With secondary weapons, players can equip two weapons at once. For more details, visit the official MapleStory M site.

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