MapleStory 2 English Closed Beta Begins Today With Special Events – Players Experience Launch Issues


The closed beta testing phase of the English version of MapleStory 2 has begun for those who have been accepted to participate. CBT will run for one week from May 9th to May 16th. Nexon has prepared a wide array of special events to keep players busy in that period. We’re talking about attendance check events, level-up events, world boss events, pet fishing and more. Some of which will give rewards that can be claimed in future betas and when MapleStory 2 is fully released. Check out the official page for a full list of CBT events and the rewards you may or may not be missing out on.

While there are plenty of generated events, Nexon emphasizes that their primary goal with this beta is to give a sneak peak and receive player feedback. With that in mind, some aspects of the game have been altered.

  • All housing blocks and UGC templates are completely free, so that you can create and share to your heart’s content.
  • Meso costs for housing plots are significantly reduced from their eventual price on release.
  • Shops will not be active, and NX cannot be converted into Merets.
    • Merets will be distributed through events throughout the Closed Beta, for use with content that do require Merets
  • Maximum level for the Closed Beta will be level 50.
  • Maximum Enchanting level for the Closed Beta will be Level 9.

As an ending note, if you are one of the players experiencing login issues, MapleStory 2‘s recent tweet suggests that you “end the process for the game through the task manager and restart the Nexon Launcher” to fix the issue.

Source: MapleStory News

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5 years ago

Wooow things will work out soon. I just got off work so let’s hope I get in smoothly