MapleStory 2 Patches Large Content Update With Soul Binder Class, Sky Fortress Area, A New PvP Mode & More Instruments


MapleStory 2 has patched in a new content update that brings a new class, area, and PvP activities! The new area, called Sky Fortress will offer new Daily, Weekly & Field Missions that grant tokens for purchasing Item Attribute Re-rollers, Costume packs, and more.

The new class named Soul Binder is a powerful caster class that uses deep, spiritual magic. Nexon has given all players an additional Free Character Slot so that everyone can try the new class.

Players can now partake in 1vs1PvP combat when they reach level 50! Maplers can queue up for a match and fight against other adorable players in a ‘best of three’ battle.

“While you can battle in whatever equipment you want, or none at all, you can gear up for PvP with ease via the Arena Shop. There you’ll find special Arena armor, weapons and accessories, all purchasable for mesos.”

Three new instruments which are the Practice Big Drum, Practice Little Drum, and Practice Cymbals are now purchasable in Stefan’s shop. Each one costs 100,000 mesos.

For more information, visit the official MapleStory 2 site.

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