MapleStory 2’s Awakening Update Brings The New Striker Class, New Job Skills & New Raids


Nexon has released ‘Awakening’ the latest content update to arrive to the fun new chibi MMORPG MapleStory 2. The update features a new set of Job Skills for all players to master, the new Striker class, new Dungeons and Chaos Raids, and an increase in the Level Cap to 70.

Maplers will become even more powerful as 9 new advanced skills become available for them as part of their second Job Ranks. Those at Level 60 will begin the epic Awakening storyline to unlock two sets of four Rank 2 skills as they level up towards Level 70.

Striker comes with a full set of skills, including the new Rank 2 tree once you reach Lv. 60. Whether with fists, such as the Giant’s Fist attack that sends a massive shockwave to the surrounding area, or with feet, such as the viciously powerful Dragon Kick attack, you’ll be able leap into the fray and punish evildoers with style.

Six new Hard Adventure Dungeons, three new Chaos Raids and a new quartet of difficult battles in the Eye of Lapenta await the Awakened Maplers. For more details on the update, visit the official MapleStory 2 site. You can also watch Nexon’s stream of gameplay with the new content in the video below.

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