Mobile MMORPG MapleStory M Introduces Three New Explorer Classes


Nexon has announced that MapleStory M, the recently launched mobile MMORPG rendition of MapleStory has been received a large content update that brings three new explorer classes to the game, equipment enhancements systems and more. The three new classes are the close-combat dagger-wielding damage-dealer known as the Shadower, the two-handed sword wielder called Hero, and the Ice and Lightning magician called Arch Mage.

A new system called Emblem Enhancement has been added that will allow players to extract Emblem Traces (used for improving Emblem equipment) from Elite items. On top of this, there are new class growth support events and Lunar New Year events. For more information, visit the official MapleStory M site.

  • Update Celebration Event – Until January 31, players who log-on during the event period, will receive a special one-time gift
  • Burning Event – Until February 20, characters who level up between level 3 to 75 will earn 2 additional bonus levels for a total of 3 level ups
  • Growth Support Event – Until February 20, “Growth Support” boxes will be distributed as players reach certain levels with new Explorer classes to boost character growth
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