Mobile MMORPG TERA Classic Adds Elin Lancer Class


TERA Classic has added the first new class since the mobile MMORPG fully launched in South Korea in August. The Elin Lancer, with her oversized lance, pranced her tiny Elin feet straight into the game on September 11th. Check out the combat gameplay trailer video below to see the Elin Lancer in action!

TERA Classic is created using Unreal Engine 4 by Lantu Games, a subsidiary company of Longtu Games and Korean messaging company LINE. Lantu Games publishes other MMOs such as ArcheAge and Civilizations Online in China. The story of TERA Classic takes place prior to the events that occur in the PC version of TERA. There is currently no official announcement in regards to a Western release of TERA Classic. Visit the official TERA Classic site to play the game (in Korean).

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