Mobile MMORPG TERA Classic Is Launching In South Korea This Summer Under Kakao Games


Later this summer, Korean video game publisher Kakao Games will officially launch TERA Classic in South Korea. Not to be confused with TERA EU’s classic server or TERA M, TERA Classic is an upcoming mobile MMORPG that aims to offer a similar gameplay experience to the original TERA on PC.

Players of TERA Classic will go through a new story in the same fantasy world as the original PC game. The game will have large open field areas, raid dungeons, parties, guilds, and action combat. It’s unknown if the game will have auto-play.

TERA Classic is developed by Lantu Games, a subsidiary company of Longtu Games and Korean messaging company LINE. Lantu Games also publishes other notable MMORPGs such as ArcheAge and Civilizations Online in China. There has been no official announcement in regards to launching globally from either Lantu Games or Kakao Games.

Visit TERA Classic’s official teaser site to read about the game’s story in Korean.

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