Moonlight Blade Mobile Reveals Amazing Graphics & Revelation Mobile Begins Pre-Registrations


During the annual Game Enthusiasts’ Day, Netease revealed the first glimpse of the world of the mobile version of Revelation Online titled Revelation M, one of two major projects for the Revelation Online IP. Now Netease has announced that they are now accepting pre-registrations for the soon-to-be released game. Pre-registration can be done through the official site with a Chinese phone number. The game is available to Android and iOS users.

Not much is known about the gameplay mechanics of Revelation M yet, but we do know that it will be set several years ahead of the PC version and will feature younger characters. Revelation M will be a massively multiplayer online game and will share the same Wuxia-themed fantasy universe as its PC predecessor.

Not far behind, Tencent has shown off Moonlight Blade Mobile‘s character creation features and beautiful graphics in a short teaser video. The level of flexibility in creating one’s character matches and perhaps even surpasses that of the character creation in Black Desert Mobile. Very little has been revealed in regards to Moonlight Blade Mobile’s gameplay, but we know that it will also share the same Wuxia-themed world and limitless flight features as the PC version. More news are expected in the coming months.

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6 years ago

Korean version and now a mobile version, and still nothing on an English release…T.T

Pichamon Herault
Pichamon Herault
5 years ago
Reply to  jibil

I think its hopeless for Eng version. They dont want to it. If they really want to do should do for long time ago. If u really want to play, better learn playing in CN. There r many ENg guides