Moonlight Blade (Wuxia MMORPG) Adds Battle Royale PvP Mode


The upcoming Wuxia-themed MMORPG Moonlight Blade has decided to join the Battle Royale craze with a new PvP map where players can turn into cats to sneak around, fight bosses for temporary powerful items and battle to the death.

While there have been nearly countless clones and renditions of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite created by Eastern game developers, traditional MMORPGs have mostly stayed away from the rapidly-growing Battle Royale craze. However, in the recent few months there is a noticeably large influx of MMORPG developers attempting to catch the eyes of the seemingly overnight success we call the Battle Royale fan-base.

Revelation Online‘s original Chinese version is ahead of the lot and already has a Battle Royale mode in testing, Nexon has recently announced that MapleStory 2‘s Korean version has one in development, League of Angels has their own take of it and even Path of Exile has joked around about a Battle Royale mode for this year’s April Fools. We’ll have to see how a Battle Royale PvP mode will work in Moonlight Blade which for the most part has a very traditional MMORPG gameplay.

You can check out MMOJACKX57’s gameplay video of the Battle Royale area in Moonlight Blade’s test server.

There are currently two versions of Moonlight Blade; the Chinese version and the newer Korean version. The game was hinted to have an English release, but no official news of that has come as of yet. It may be a while until we hear of a Western launch, considering that the Korean version started its open beta just at the start of 2018. It is however doing well in Korea, having at one point reached the list of the top 10 most played games for the region. By the time the game reaches Western shores, we may already have hundreds of MMORPGs with Battle Royale features.

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6 years ago

I played the chinese version of this game back in 2016 and it was awesome… I stopped playing because of high ping and lags… :(( They promised western release in 2017, but we’re still waiting.