MU Ignition Releases The New Magic Gladiator Class & Monster Card Gallery System


Webzen has announced that the fourth class addition to their browser MMORPG MU Ignition named the Magic Gladiator is now playable. The Magic Gladiator makes use of Magic Spells and melee combat with swords. Along with the new class, the latest update also added the new Monster Card Gallery system that allows players to raise character attributes by collecting various monster cards. Mutated monsters will now spawn in fields and will drop valuable equipment and rare items.

“The 4th Class of MU Ignition, Magic Gladiator will be available. Magic Gladiator is exceptionally adept in Magic Spells and Swords. Magic Gladiator is able to use both Dark Knight and Dark Mage’s equipment flexibly. Players can also equip the Magic Gladiator with exclusive wings available only for this specific class. This powerful new class brings more benefits by earning 7 stat points, instead of the original 5 stat points, for every level gained. Players can create Magic Gladiator through the use of Bound Gem or Gem Shop.”

Check out the full list of changes and new content on the official MU Ignition site.

Source: MU Ignition Site

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