Will Publish Ashes of Creation For European Union, Parent Company for CIS Regions

Intrepid Studios has revealed that their upcoming indie-developed and crowdfunded MMORPG, Ashes of Creation will be published by throughout the European Union and by for CIS countries (The Commonwealth of Independent States). Intrepid Studios and will both make appearances at Gamescom 2018. is a subsidiary of and both are responsible for publishing several MMOs including Allods Online, Revelation Online and Skyforge.

The publishing deal has made many Ashes fans and backers concerned over the game’s direction. Steven Sharif, CEO and Creative Director at Intrepid Studios assured the game’s growing fanbase with the following words about the direction of the game:

I would like everyone in our community to be aware. Intrepid will maintain 100% creative control over Ashes and our partners and share our vision for Ashes, as this was very important to us. This means our stance on P2W for the game <3 This partnership allows us as a studio to focus on the development of the game and allows us to feel comfortable with the level of service we know and can provide our glorious community.’s Voker Boenigk also released a statement on the Ashes of Creation Discord channel stating that the company supports the creative vision that Intrepid Studios has for Ashes of Creation. They are “fully committed to bringing this non-Pay-to-Win vision to the European players.”

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5 years ago

FUCK MAIL.RU, another game where i only have access to the russian version. I hope a good private server comes out for ashes of creation