New Character Chii Aruel Arrives In SoulWorker


More cuteness and sexiness are upon the North American and European version of SoulWorker as a new female character joins the game. Chii Aruel, the nimble sword wielder girl will start with a few skills at Level 14 in Candus City.

Chii finishes off her opponents with nimble sword techniques. Her Katana ‘Daito Fatale’ is the manifestation of her mixed nature – for she is a blend of girl, cat and SoulDreg!

Players starting with Chii will receive the following free gift items:

  • 1x Chii Aruel Poster
  • 1x Random Dye Pipette
  • 1x Inventory Expansion Ticket
  • 10x Bonus Keycard
  • 10x HP & SF Kit

For more details, visit the Chii Aruel forum post and today’s patch notes.

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