New Classes Added To Console Versions Of Black Desert (Xbox One & PlayStation 4)


Pearl Abyss has announced that the Mystic class has come to the Xbox One version of the action MMORPG Black Desert. Similar to monk classes in other RPGs, the Mystic is a female close-range melee brawler class that makes use of powerful combat Gauntlets and Vambraces to perform a variety of skills:

  • Wolf’s Frenzy – Mystic hides in the shadows and unleashes a barrage of hits against her enemies.
  • Rage Hammer – Unleashes her inner power into a massive attack onto the ground, knocking down foes.
  • Soul Basher – Mystic performs a flurry of kicks that deals damage to her enemies.

Meanwhile, two new classes, the Tamer and the Striker are making their way to Black Desert on PlayStation 4. Find out more on the official Black Desert console site.

“Master hand-to-hand combat as the Striker and attack enemies with the support of your divine beast companion Heilang as the Tamer.”

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