New World’s Territory Wars Will Be Hour Long 50vs50 PvP Sieges


Earlier this year, Amazon Game Studios announced that their 17th Century MMORPG New World will no longer follow a free-for-all full loot PvP system. While PvP will still play an important part in the game, players will have to opt-in to take part.

Now the studio has released a new Developer Diary titled “War and Invasion” that goes over one of the game’s PvP modes, the 50 vs 50 Territory War. Territory Wars occur when one territory challenges another to battle for control at their fort. Companies that control territories must set “siege windows” that are open for scheduling one-hour long PvP group battles.

Two groups of 50 players will battle it out for control of the territory. The attackers must bring down the fortress to its knees by using various siege weapons to destroy gates and other structures. Meanwhile, defenders can use defensive artillery and large weapons to repel the invaders. Watch the full Developer Diary below for more details and a look at gameplay footage of the Terrirtory Wars.

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