Newly Launched MMO Last Oasis Temporarily Goes Offline To Work On Server Issues


Last Oasis debuted on Steam as an early access title on March 26th. The post-apocalyptic survival sandbox MMO has since been berated by Steam reviewers for having poor server capacity. Many players reported being unable to play due to long wait times and client crashes.

As a response to these issues, developer Donkey Crew posted a video announcing that the game would be taken offline for “roughly seven days” so that their coders can catch some sleep and properly fix the issues.

Much of those who were able to play report that Last Oasis is a fun game. Check out the reviews on the official Steam page.

“A lot of you mentioned this is not how an Early Access game should launch and we fully agree. This is not how an Early Access game should launch. So we’ve decided that everyone unhappy with the current state of the game should get a full refund, regardless of in-game hours, no questions asked. Just head to Steam to do that.”

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