Nexon Cancels Peria Chronicles Release And Stops Development Of The Game


After years of staying under the radar, earlier in May of this year, a select group of players in Korea were finally chosen to conduct closed testing of Nexon’s sandbox MMORPG Peria Chronicles. Now, four months later, Korean news source Invenglobal reports that Nexon has announced that “after much discussion, the development of ‘Peria Chronicles’ is stopped.”

Several internal and external tests were conducted for Peria Chronicles and Nexon concluded that the current stage of the game could not satisfy players. The project is now cancelled.

Peria Chronicles was being developed by one of Nexon’s seven development studios and sub-company ThingSoft. The game has been in development since 2011 and made its first debut appearance in G-Star Convention 2012 as Project NT. MMO gamers were swept off their feet with features that allowed for a truly sandbox world. Since then, the game has kept a small, but faithful following. It seems that now we will not see Peria Chronicles any further.

Source: Invenglobal

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