Nexon Shows Off Dragon Hound’s Mounted Combat Gameplay At G-Star 2018


Last week it was revealed that Nexon’s Project DH is named Dragon Hound and that it will be showcased in Nexon’s line-up of games for this year’s G-Star convention. Now we finally have solid gameplay footage of the new monster hunting game. If you have yet to hear about G-Star, it is an enormous game show convention in South Korea that takes place every year for several days where game companies like Nexon reveal many of their new works. G-Star 2018 began on November 15th and will continue through November 18th.

The gameplay footage below shows what appears to be a tutorial level gameplay set in a futuristic fantasy world with large vehicular mechanisms and overgrown beasts. Several players can be seen hunting dragons and wyverns with gattling guns, cannons, and other long-range weapons that are mounted on horses. Combat appears to be mainly long-range with enemies mostly attacking from afar like flying dragons shooting large balls of fire.

  • The game was initially introduced over two years ago in G-Star 2016 as Project DH.
  • The game uses Unreal Engine 4.
  • The game is developed by DevCAT, the developers of Vindictus and Mabinogi Mobile.
  • The game is in development for PC, but there is a mobile version planned for a future release.

Some excited fans have compared the game to Monster Hunter based on previous early footage. Can that still be said now with this new combat video?

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Knight Warigh
Knight Warigh

I like the fantasy style. Combo of steam, giant guns & dragons that’s up my alley. When is it coming?