Peria Chronicles Announces Beta Testing In Korea With New Teaser & Kirana Combat Gameplay Trailer


It sure has been some time since we last heard from Nexon about the world-building anime MMORPG Peria Chronicles. Just recently, Nexon has announced that the game is still on the horizon and that they are looking for testers to play it next month. From now (April 18th) to May 2nd, gamers with verified Korean Nexon accounts are able to register and apply for the first test phase. You will need a verified Korean phone number to apply for a chance to be chosen as a tester. Game testing will begin on May 9th and end on May 12th.

The announcement is accompanied by a new animated teaser and a gameplay feature video that you can watch below. Both of which are in Korean. The official Peria Chronicles website has been updated with a new lore page and gameplay page. Of course, everything on the site is also in Korean. While we know that a Western release is planned, there has not been any mention of a release date yet from Nexon. Peria Chronicles is still much a much awaited game in the West, so we will keep a close eye on the development of the upcoming tests in Korea.

Peria Chronicles Release Date Schedule

Peria Chronicles Korean Pre-alphasG-Star 2016 Floor DemoNovember 17, 2016 - November 20, 2016
Peria Chronicles Korean BetasKorean Closed Beta SignupApril 18, 2019 - May 2, 2019
Korean Closed Beta TestMay 9, 2019 - May 12, 2019
Public Korean TestCANCELLED
Peria Chronicles Korean Live LaunchCANCELLED
Peria Chronicles NA/EU English BetasCANCELLED
Peria Chronicles NA/EU English Live LaunchCANCELLED
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