Peria Chronicles Will Have Advanced AI For NPCs To Generate Content


What’s that? You want a release date? Nope, nothing more than “possibly this” and “probably that” for now. Last we heard of Peria Chronicles, we were supposed to get some important news in December of last year and so far that’s still a no-show. Worry not however, when a date is finally announced for this game, we will let you know right away and swiftly update our Alphas, Betas and Release Dates page.

Peria Chronicles Wallpaper 31Now on to the super smart NPCs. ThingSoft, the developers of Peria Chronicles will be applying an artificial intelligence system that is currently being developed by Nexon Korea to the game’s NPCs. This AI will allow the NPCs to automatically generate missions and other content for players.

Details as to how this will work were not mentioned, but I can guess that these smart NPCs may create based on surrounding player activity. This will be a sweet addition to the list of advanced sand-box features of Peria that include player-made dungeons and player-programmed mechanisms like elevators.

Hold on, why is ThingSoft (Peria Chronicles’ developer) using an AI system created by Nexon (Peria Chronicles’ future publisher)?

Well, Nexon is not just a publisher. Nexon is a huge video game company with several subsidiaries that develop games. In 2013, ThingSoft was wholly acquired by Neople. Neople is a subsidiary of Nexon, thus making ThingSoft a subsidiary of Nexon as well.

According to Nexon, Neople will be receiving a 6.6 billion South Korean Won increase in funding that is intended to be used for development purposes. That is roughly 6.2 million USD. Peria Chronicles is sure to be one of the games receiving extra funding for development.

 “네오플 투자금은 신작 개발과 운영에 쓰일 것.”

Translated: “The investment in Neople will be used for new development and operation.”
– Nexon


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6 years ago


6 years ago

Dying for a release date, but it probably won’t even be shared for at least another year, if not more Dx