Play The Ninja Class In The Xbox Version of Black Desert


The Ninja class has finally made his way to the Xbox version of Black Desert. Skilled in fast-paced combat, the Ninja uses quick aerial skills, teleportation, and dashes to quickly close the distance to enemies and hit them with precise deadly strikes. This class is armed with powerful stun and debuff techniques.

The Ninja is a predominantly assassin-type class using a short sword as their main weapon, and shurikens as their offhand. As an assassin class, they have great movement and complex combos that once mastered will allow you to become a force to be reckoned with. Ninja’s are vulnerable to attack however, and rely heavily on evasive techniques to duck out of harm’s way.

On top of the new class, players will be able to take on two new guild bosses: Ancient Puturum and Muskan of Madness. To make leveling up past Lv. 58 somewhat easier, Marni Stones have been added to the game. These stones collect samples of creatures as you kill them which can be exchanged for extra combat experience.

All Marni Stones are specific to a set of enemies, and will only increase their progress when these monsters are killed. You can have as many Marni Stones as you like in your inventory, however the stones will not progress simultaneously. Marni Stones that are fresh are displayed in yellow, stones in progress appear as blue, and filled stones are orange. You can also see a stone is full when the kill count has turned red.

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