Population Zero Goes Into First Global Closed Alpha On March 2nd


Population Zero, the upcoming MMO survival game is set to launch its first closed alpha testing. Backers at the Commander and Sentinel tiers will be able to participate.

The servers will be open from 9am PST to 1pm PST and again from 5pm PST to 9pm PST.

The major features the players will discover in the new game version:

  • Full-fledged quest system for a faction change
  • Mutation system (players will be able to become Hosts, Xenobiotor remain human)
  • Texture update and polishing (fauna, characters, buildings, etc.)
  • Balanced and improved technology tree and perk system
  • Fully rebalanced injury system
  • A possibility of setting up a character resurrection point (Baken)
  • New planet inhabitants

This test will lead to a closed beta test later this year. Population Zero is expanding their test playerbase, so if you want a chance to test the game at some point, visit the official Population Zero site and sign up.

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4 years ago

Problem I have with alot of these mmo survival games is either you go offline and shit gets destroyed or you have ppl dodge fights when they are losing by logging off for a few hours

4 years ago
Reply to  Netch

It’s lazy devs way of an excuse for “fun sandbox”.