Project: Gorgon Releases Free To Play Demo Version & 25% Off Sale Until November 27th


Project: Gorgon has released a new demo version for those who are on the fence about purchasing the game. Anyone can download the free-trial version from the Steam Store page. The demo does not limit anyone’s playtime or explorable areas, but limits certain actions. There’s a decent number of limitations for free players that are listed below.

Demo users:

  • CANNOT join a guild
  • CANNOT trade with other players
  • CANNOT send or receive money via /tip
  • CANNOT pick up items dropped on the ground (except items they themselves dropped)
  • CANNOT milk other players (or be milked, if they become a cow)
  • CANNOT listen to poetry orations or recite poetry
  • CAN unlock and use regular storage
  • CAN sell items at vendors, but CANNOT buy other players’ used items
  • CANNOT buy consignment items or place their own consignments
  • CANNOT purchase from player stores or open their own stores
  • CANNOT play any instrument, but CAN listen to performances
  • CANNOT place or complete player-work-orders
  • CANNOT use deployed gadgeteering items such as vending machines and rafflers
  • CAN add friends (it prompts the other player to confirm, as normal)
  • CAN join hunting groups (and can chat in hunting group chat)
  • CAN speak in Local chat, and in Group chat (when they’re in a group)
  • CAN speak in a new chat room called Demo
  • CAN listen, but CANNOT speak, in all other chat rooms (including Global, Trade, and Help)
  • CANNOT send private messages (PMs) unless both the sender and recipient are in the Demo chat room (see below)

Project: Gorgon is also on sale for 25% off which takes the regular 39.99 price tag to 29.99 from now until November 27th at 10am PST. For more information, visit the official Project: Gorgon site.

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