Ragnarok Online Servers (iRO) Will Be Suspended For Two Months For A “Mega-Update”


WarpPortal has announced that Ragnarok Online (iRO) will be suspended for two months to make way for a massive “mega-update”. The iRO team was given the option to receive several updates all at once with a focus on improvements on quality of life and day-to-day adventuring in Midgard.

The iRO update will include “about a dozen game-system and quality of life updates such as Daily Login rewards, a tried and tested Anti-Cheat system, the long awaited pet evolution system, and much more”.

“Due to the large amount of updates that needs to be performed, service will be suspended for the period between 12/06/2019 and 02/03/2020 for iRO Chaos and Thor. During the suspension of service, all VIP time will be paused and will resume when the servers reopen. “

Players will still be able to play Ragnarok Online during the break by playing on the test server and testing the new contents for the mega-update. The launch date for the update and return of Chaos and Thor servers is February 3rd, 2020. Servers will experience large in-game events centered on the world’s cycle coming to its conclusion.

➡️Oct 31st: iRO Chaos and Thor cash shops turn off.
➡️Nov 12th: We will be announcing registration for a new game service. Please keep a close eye on our site for more detail coming soon.
➡️Dec 6th: iRO Chaos and Thor suspend service.
Starting in Early December we will be hosting closed and open beta tests of the new game service. In addition, we are planning on a stress test to test the limits of the server.
➡️Feb 3rd: iRO Chaos and Thor reopen for normal play with the new updates.

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4 years ago

And what is with the european Players? Can the grand update including them? Transfer the charakters and make a real MMORPG?