RaiderZ Re-launch Asks Fans Which Regions Should Be Supported And Reveals More Changes


We first heard of news regarding RaiderZ‘s revival quite suddenly in the last stretch of last year. Its new developers at Masangsoft started this year nicely with a development roadmap that revealed information about planned changes for the game. Now Masangsoft has shared more information about the upcoming re-launch and released a survey via Facebook asking fans of the game where they live.

The survey will be used to help the publisher choose which regions RaiderZ will be available for. It is a Google form where you answer only a single question. If you are interested in playing the re-release of the game and want to help ensure that your region will be supported, here is the survey. There is no account or additional information required.


If you are unfamiliar with RaiderZ, the game is an action combat MMORPG that offers a fantasy world where you can quest and hunt world bosses in parties as a cleric, mage, berserker, assassin or guardian. The game out-shined many MMORPGs at the start of this century with an impressive combat system.

However, the game was shut down in 2015 due to its original developer, MAIET ceasing all operations. Its publisher at the time stated that as a result of MAIET’s closure, troubleshooting persistent server issues or “delivering a quality experience” could no longer be possible. Now three years later, another Korean developer, Masangsoft has scooped up the RaiderZ IP and is in the process of updating outdated features for a re-release.


You can read about changes planned for RaiderZ Relaunch like the overhaul of the class system and large scale raids on the official RaiderZ Facebook page. Masangsoft states that news will be shared every month in regards to new content and the status of the re-launch, so stay tuned. We will be sure to alert you and update our Release Dates Calendar as soon as any date for a beta or live launch is mentioned!

Source: RaiderZ’s Facebook Page

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