RaiderZ Remake Reveals Changes To Action Combat System – No More Invincibility With Dodge


Developers at Masangsoft have revealed new information about the combat changes that will be in the remake of the action-combat MMORPG RaiderZ. Important mechanics to the non-targetting combat system will be changed.

Dodging was a key function in the original RaiderZ’s battles because each dodge came with a limited invincibility effect. The developers of the new RaiderZ have decided to remove that effect so that dodging will not be saved as a “damage nullification move” and instead be used for its primary purpose of avoiding visible attacks by moving in a certain direction.

You can visit the RaiderZ Facebook post to read about other combat changes that are planned to be in the RaiderZ remake.

If this is your first time hearing about RaiderZ, the game is an action combat MMORPG with a fantasy world where you can quest and hunt world bosses in parties as a cleric, mage, berserker, assassin or guardian. The game was a breathe of fresh air for the genre at the start of the century as it released with an impressive combat system.

Unfortunately, the game was closed down in 2015 due to its original developer, MAIET ceasing all operations. Its publisher at the time stated that as a result of MAIET’s closure, troubleshooting persistent server issues or “delivering a quality experience” was no longer viable. Now three years later, Masangsoft, a different Korean developers has bought up the rights for the RaiderZ IP and is in the process of re-making the game for a re-release.

Source: RaiderZ Facebook

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