Revelation Online 2.0 & Revelation Online Mobile (Revelation M) Will Release Soon In China


In the Netease Games annual conference, Chinese developer and publisher Netease has revealed two major releases for the Revelation Online IP in 2018; Revelation Online 2.0 and Revelation M. A new era for the Chinese version of Revelation Online will open sometime in the summer as the game revamps its graphics and introduces a new area that roughly translates to Wing World. The new area marks as the next and second expansion of the nine worlds in Revelation Online’s lore. The expansion will introduce a large new area that consists of dozens of floating islands, expand the game’s main and side stories, and introduce new gameplay features.

A dedicated page for the 2.0 expansion has been launched to introduce the new heroes and villains, the expanded story and more.

Revelation Online 2.0 Screenshots & Art

Development for Revelation Online Mobile or Revelation M was first teased near the start of the Western release of Revelation Online on PC back in June of last year. Netease has mostly stayed quiet about its development until now. Following the Revelation Online 2.0 teaser video, Netease has added a short 30 second teaser that shows off the quality of the game’s graphics and states that “Revelation M is coming soon”.

Not much is known about this mobile game, but we know that it will be an MMO and that based on development teasers, it may feature characters from the lore of Revelation Online as playable characters. We will keep a close eye on this title, so stay tuned.

Source: Netease Site

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