Revelation Online Invites You To Brawl In The Colosseum


Revelation Online invites duelists to attend and dominate a new PvP feature called the Colosseum. The Colosseum is a no-rules, point driven competition that awards winners based on their rank at the end of each event. There is a leaderboard for the event’s ranking and the event also has a dedicated website page. The current Colosseum event will end on May 3 at 12:00 CST.

To compete in the Colosseum, locate the Crossed Swords icon on the lower right hand corner of the screen. Click the icon to launch the PvP Menu. Select Battlefields from the list of options and prepare to compete in the super slam of the season! All victories in 10 vs 10 (Darkwood Vale), 20 vs 20 (Iron Precipice Blitz), and 30 vs 30 (Machinist’s Gauntlet)will accrue points to your total Colosseum score. So, don’t be too fussy about which one you choose! Join the Colosseum and win colossal prizes!

Enlistment Bonus

Enlist now and claim your Merit Plate II right away. No Strings Attached.

Top 100 Rank Prizes

Compete to be the best in your region. Top 100 receives: Dream Dust Radiance and Top 10 also receives: Spring Love Letter Mount!

Top 100 Rank Prizes

Amazing Rewards As You Level Up

Every point you earn by competing in PvP will go towards unlocking several levels, each with better and better prizes!
Amazing rewards as you level up!

Learn more about participation in Revelation Online’s new feature on their site.

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