Revelation Online Unifies Client Build Under One Producer, Merges Western & Russian Teams


Revelation Online, published by Russian-based will receive a new update under the name of “New Sulan” that will unify the Russian version and Western versions of the game under one producer and team. At the moment, the Western versions are handled by, a subsidiary of and the Russian version is handled by the parent company The Russian version has always had a slightly more updated client than the Western versions and this update aims to lessen the differences between the two versions.

The spearhead of this process and the new unified client build will be the new global producer Petr Lagun.


For Revelation Online, it means that there will be less differences between the Russian versions and Western version of the game as we are hoping to unify the same client build, our current aim is to do this with our first unified build which is currently under the name “New Sulan”. While we are working on this update, the team is preparing exciting and interesting events for PvP and PvE players.

Source: Revelation Online Site

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6 years ago

Im still so pissed, Rev Online is really an awesome game and had lots o fun.
Too bad fkd it up for me with hardly any updates, translations, good communication etc

6 years ago
Reply to  Nyssa

not to mention the p2w hah

6 years ago

The True issue with Revelation Online was two fold. Blatant P2W and poor localization. If they fix these (they wont) they can have a playerbase again