Riders of Icarus Invites Players To Return With Valuable Rewards & Perks


Riders of Icarus is offering rewards to returning players who have not logged in for 60 or more days. The incentive to return comes in the form of Event Rewards that can be redeemed in the game when logged in for at least an hour each day. This event will run from April 19th through May 2nd.

Feeling nostalgic since you’ve last played Riders of Icarus? Here’s an incentive if you’ve been wanting to play again! If the last time you’ve logged in was 60 or more days ago, then you’ll be eligible for some greate returning player rewards! Come back and show everybody else who you were and dominate once again. It’s time to play and be rewarded!

Read about the event in full detail on the Riders of Icarus event page.

Day Rewards Details
1 A Rider Returns Package Includes:

2 Premium Service (14 Day)
3 General Boost Talisman
4 Daily Ellun Package Gives 50 Elluns, then an additional 5 Elluns every day for 10 days.
5 Caped Rabbini-Man Outfit (7 Day)  Get yourself a Rabbini-Man Outfit and stick with Easter!
6 Pet: Maid Daveen
7 Mount: Mecha Cat
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Gabriel Neves
Gabriel Neves
6 years ago

Absolutely not, no matter what even if they paid me. Shut down already Nexon. (Btw, @Nocht thx for the great website, and this bit of news made me laugh maniacally, feels good)

6 years ago

Does this apply to new players?

6 years ago
Reply to  Lunagryn

It does.