RIFT Prime Storm Legion Expansion Will Launch On October 3rd, Chance To Win Wardrobe On Launch Day Stream


RIFT Prime will be adding the next major content update/expansion called Storm Legion to its progression servers on October 3rd. Rift Prime subscribers will have two new continents to venture to, seven dungeons to beat and new story quests to plow through. The level cap will be increase to 60, crafting skill cap will be extended to Grandmaster level, a new city hub will be opened and more. After the launch, three more raids in the new continents will be added.

In celebration of Storm Legion on RIFT Prime, both Live and Prime players will have the chance to earn new Twitch drops. Those who tune in to the launch day Twitch stream on October 3rd at 2:00 PDT will have a chance to win a Raiment of the Storm Queen wardrobe.

Find out more about Storm Legion on the official RIFT site.

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