RuneScape Mobile Goes To Early Access For Android, iOS Comes Next Year


Developer Jagex has launched the mobile version of the long-running MMORPG RuneScape into Early Access. RuneScape Mobile is now available for download on the the Google play store for Android users. iOS mobile users will need to wait until sometime next year. The game is also set to fully launch in 2020.

RuneScape Mobile requires a membership to play and is compatible cross-platform with the desktop version. Taking part in the Early Access unlocks the Founder’s Pack that contains the Radiant Dawn Armor set, a mobile-themed rest animation, and a Steel Panther combat pet. For more details, visit the official Runescape Mobile site.

“With the user cap completely lifted, RuneScape Mobile Early Access is everyone’s chance to play the full RuneScape MMORPG experience on your smartphone. Be the among the first adventurers to skill on the subway, quest in a queue or grind in the garden! Be on the frontline as RuneScape Mobile rapidly evolves into the definitive portable Gielinor adventure.”

  • A brand new user interface designed specifically for mobile players
  • Lots of under-the-hood improvements based on all the feedback we’ve received from players
  • Significant optimisations for smoothness and usability
  • All the latest gameplay additions such as the recently released Bank Improvements
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