RuneScape Players Will Get 72 Hours Of Double XP Gains At The End Of July


The much-loved Double XP Weekend Event is returning to RuneScape this month and it will last for 72 hours. From July 26th through July 29th, all players will receive XP bonuses. Those with RuneScape membership benefits will receive +100% XP earned. Free players will get a smaller +20% XP earned.

No all activities will be boosted by the XP event. There’s a long list of restrictions that includes XP gained from handing in quests, daily challenges, harvesting and animal produce from Player-Owned Farms, Slayer point rewards, and many others. Check out the official RuneScape site for more details on the upcoming event.

Ironman accounts do not receive an XP boost on Double XP Weekend.

Finally, while stored Bonus XP itself is not boosted, it is still awarded alongside the boost from Double XP Weekend. So a member training a skill with stored Bonus XP on Double XP Weekend will receive +200% base XP.

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