Sea of Thieves Content Plans For 2018 & The Hungering Deep Update In May


Three weeks has passed since Sea of Thieves officially launched on Xbox One and Windows. Now Executive Producer Joe Neate and Design Director Mike Chapman have gone over their plans for the game’s development for the rest of the year and reflected on how it’s progressed so far. Their focus in April is to address top feedback points, but the focus will swap to adding new content in the month after.

The first content update called “The Hungering Deep” will be released in May which will introduce a new AI threat to the players and their world. New mechanics, events and rewards will be added with this May update, but no specific details have been shared yet on what they will entail.

On top of this, this summer, two more content updates will be debuted with Cursed Sails that will bring a new ship type and an expansion of the world to “Forsaken Shores”. Sea of Thieves is a buy-to-play game, so these content updates will be available to all players at no additional costs.

Source: Sea of Thieves site

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