Server Merges Are Coming To TERA’s PC Version On September 18th


It’s not the first time that TERA (PC) servers are merging, so publisher En Masse Entertainment has revealed a handy FAQ several weeks ahead of time for those who will be affected by the population control. In short, two sets of two servers will be merged on September 18th, 7 a.m. PDT. En Masse suggests that players delete characters they don’t need since character limits on the new servers will force players to delete extra characters upon logging in.

Mount Tyrannas and Fey Forest will merge to become a new (PVP65) server.

Ascension Valley and Tempest Reach will merge to become a new (PVE) server.

Celestial Hills will remain its own separate (PVE) RP server.

Questions regarding the server merges were taken during the September 7th livesteam on En Masse Entertainment’s Twitch. Watch that below for more information.

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