SoulWorker Is Moving To Official Release With No Loss Of Game Progress


SoulWorker is leaving open beta and is headed for its full official release very soon. No game progress will be lost. While improvements to game mechanics and others have been made in response to the open testing phase, Gameforge, its publisher warns that some server problems may still pop up in the future. They are working hard on fixing bugs, exploits and text errors.

Changes have  been made to make cash shop items like Skill Tree Reset Ticket and hairstyles cheaper in response to player feedback. Gameforge currently focuses on delivering PvP arena and more raids to the game. Beta testers will be receiving the rewards listed below.

You’ll get the following items once SoulWorker is released:

  • 1x Exclusive open beta title: ‘Active Beta Tester’
  • 1x Exclusive open beta title: ‘Persistent Technician’
  • 2x Darling Outfit (for two characters of your choice)
  • 1x Grutin Akasha Card (rare version)
  • 1x Hellanko Akasha Card (rare version)
  • 1x Mat (Community)
  • 1x Collected Works (1 hr)
  • 3x Power Vitamin
  • 5x Respawner
  • 10x Bonus Keycard
  • 10x HP & SF Kit

Source: Letter from SoulWorker Product Manager

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