SoulWorker Releases Stella Unibell’s Character Advancement


Gameforge has announced that Stella Unibell, the guitar-wielding white-haired loli character in the anime MMORPG SoulWorker has received her job advancement. Players of the character can obtain new skills once they reach level 57. The character received a fresh new look and a flashier demon-wolf warrior companion.

“Hate and fear crackled over Stella as she decided to enter the Void and become a SoulWorker. Available from level 57, the new skills in her class expansion mean that nobody will dare harm a hair on this girl’s head – and if they do, they face the wrath of a most deadly warrior.”

In celebration of the class expansion, Gameforge has put a Stella-themed item pack in the in-game cash shop that can be collected for free by everyone. For more information, visit the official SoulWorker Steam page.

Included in the pack:

  • 1x Stella Unibell Figure
  • 1x Powder Blue (Stella, hair colour)
  • 1x Inventory Expansion Ticket
  • 10x Respawner
  • 10x Bonus Keycard
  • 10x HP & SF Kit
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