SoulWorker Will Add New Fist Brawler Character Jin Seipatsu “Very Soon”


The Germany-based publisher, Gameforge has just posted a 3 second teaser GIF on SoulWorker‘s Facebook page captioned with “Very Soon” and accompanied with the comment of “Jin?”. We can only assume that this means Jin Seipatsu, the lightning fist character will be added to SoulWorker’s roster as a new playable character soon. Gameforge’s SoulWorker currently has four playable characters and we know that Jin Seipatsu was added as the fifth character for the Korean and Japanese versions of the game.

SoulWorker fully launched just at the start of April which will make Jin the first character expansion for the English version. It is good to see that Gameforge seems to have chosen not to take their time with character releases.


Jin Seipatsu Skills and Combat Showcase

Jin Seipatsu is a man who takes his passion for justice as his source of Soul power. He shows compassion for all and fights evil at all costs. His main weapon? Knuckles!

Jin is seen as a tank-like character in SoulWorker with skills that can attract enemies to him while giving them invulnerabilities. Aside from a wide array of AoE attacks, he also has the highest base HP out of all of the SoulWorker characters. Watch the video below to see his explosive skill animations in action.

Now the question is, will players receive a free character slot when Jin Seipatsu is released?

Source: SoulWorker Facebook

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