Star Citizen Shows Off Fancy Character Creation System & Upcoming Mining Mechanics


Dave Haddock, the man behind much of the fictional world of the upcoming crowdfunded sci-fi MMORPG Star Citizen guest stars in this week’s latest episode of Star Citizen: Around the Verse. The episode overviews the development work on recently released content such as the new character customizer, new weapons, quality of life improvements and more. Upcoming content in regards to mining on Planetary Boundaries and group content are also highlighted. The attention to detail with the mining mechanics and sound effects are impressive.

Much of the spotlight is on the character customization system that is part of Patch 3.1.0. Listen to the nitty-gritty details of facial structures and object hierarchy directly from the developers in charge of updating Star Citizen’s character customization. The character customizer portion begins on 6:20 in the video below.

Most of the studio is currently moving onto the next quarterly release (Patch 3.2.0) coming in Q2 2018. You can check up on their progress and read up on what to expect from that update and other future updates on the RSI Roadmap page.

Source: Robert Space Industries Transmission

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