Survival Sandbox MMO Last Oasis Postpones Steam Early Access To Q1 2020


Nomadic survival MMO, Last Oasis was initially due to launch in Early Access this summer, but was pushed back until October to refine the game. Now, indie developer and publisher Donkey Crew has announced that the game is postponed once again and will launch on Steam in the first quarter of 2020. Feedback from testers have led the team to the conclusion the the current quality level of Last Oasis is not what they want to offer to players. They will announce a specific date for the early access when they are “200% confident with it”.

“We are going to use the next months to improve the quality of the gameplay and add more content to keep you engaged with Last Oasis. This means more mechanics, items, creatures, buildings, features and end-game activities to please both the PVE and PVP crowds. And, of course, a lot of refinements to the existing features.”- Donkey Crew

The thrilling new trailer below was released at the same time as the announcement to show “how much the game has progressed so far”. Fans are also invited to join the official Last Oasis Discord server to get important information and sneak peaks before the release.

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