Tab-target Indie MMORPG Reign of Darkness Releases Early Access On Steam


A new indie-developed MMORPG titled Reign of Darkness has launched into Early Access. While still in development, the game is currently a tab-target, theory-crafting, dragon-runner and RPG game based on Dungeons & Dragons concepts. Check out the videos below for gameplay and development footage.

Reign of Darkness is developed and published by Unorthodox Studio. The game is currently available for $19.99 on Steam only. The developer estimates the game to be in Early Access for approximately 10 to 14 months.

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“The game is currently a vertical slice of the core game-play and mechanics(and more of both to come).

There are approximately 30 quests, randomly generated items, 120 skills/abilities, Werewolf Shape-shifting, 2 public zone/areas and 3 private dungeon/instances for players to find.

Once located, dungeon/instances are designed for solo or team play with a maximum of 5 team members, and are always set to the players level or team leader’s level (+3 or -3). Which allows players to reach the maximum level of 100.”

For more details on Reign of Darkness, visit the game’s official website.

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