TERA Hero’s Oath Update Will Arrive On June 7th For PC – Gunner Class Coming Soon For Console


TERA‘s latest content update titled Hero’s Oath is set to release on June 7th for the English PC version. The update will include a new dungeon called Antaroth’s Abyss where players will face the bosses Nightmare Ghergof, Nightmare Kalioth and Nightmare Antaroth. A new leaderboard for dungeons will be added alongside the battleground leaderboards. Check out the official update page to see the new available gear and mask that are included in this update as well as the loot you can obtain from the Antaroth’s Abyss dungeon.

From the beginning, you’ve always done your best to protect the Valkyon Federation. But when an act of kindness results in someone accusing you of treason, there’s only one way to prove your true intentions—descend into the abyss and return unscathed!

A level 65 adventure for well-geared characters, Antaroth’s Abyss will challenge—and reward—you like never before!

Publisher En Masse Entertainment has also released a new teaser trailer of the Gunner class for the console version of TERA. More information will be revealed in the next few weeks before the class is playable by Xbox One and Playstation 4 players.

Source: TERA Site

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