TERA Launches Non-localized Server In South East Asia


Gameforge has taken over the publishing duties for classic Korean MMORPG TERA in Southeast Asia. On January 9th, the local SEA server launched and became accessible for players in Malaysia, Philippines, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Brunei, and Vietnam.

The SEA server is named Shen and runs on the current Build 88 Patch, so all of the new contents are in. SEA players who join the new server will get to keep all of their items and progress with exception to temporary items. As a bonus, an in-game gift will be sent out to those who log into the new server before January 19th.

In which languages can TERA be played in Southeast Asia?

English, German and French. However, some content may not be available in German and


Can players play in instances with EU players?

No, Southeast Asia will have its own dungeon server in order to reduce lag issues.

For the full FAQ, visit the official TERA Gameforge forums.

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