Test Out High Level “Trial Characters” In Black Desert Online


Getting to level 60 can take a long time in Black Desert Online. Starting now, a new feature will allow people to test out several different “Trial Characters” at Level 60 with 4,000 Skill Points available. A maximum of three Trial Character slots are available, but you can delete and create more new characters if you run out of slots. The characters can be tested in the Battle Arena, Arena of Arsha, Savage Rift, and Red Battlefield.

When you first enter Battle Arena with your Lv. 60 Trial Character, you can open up your Inventory (I) and check out the following free items:

  • Inventory +16 Expansion Coupon x3
  • Basic main weapon and sub-weapon (You can purchase Awakening Weapons from NPC Haz)
  • [Battlefield] Body Enhancement
  • “Awakening Secret” skill book (right-click to be able to use Awakening weapon)

You can go to the BDO website for a starter guide to the Trial Characters.

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