Tree of Savior Shows Off Client Optimization Progress To Fix Lag & Frame Rate Issues


Perhaps the most criticized issue that can be found in Tree of Savior is the often times frustrating client optimization that causes drastic and dreadful lag issues and dropped frame rates. In the game’s latest Developer’s Blog, the staff presented the results of their Client Performance Optimization efforts so far.

They recorded densely populated maps in three different variations comparing before and after the Client Performance Optimization patch. The difference is almost night and day.

The Client Performance Optimization patch aimed to fix the lag issues and improve frame update processing times is set to be released on April 10, 2018.

The before footage are the GM Playdate of March 13, 2018 and their own test environments. The after footage were also recorded internally from March 30 to April 2, after applying the Client Performance Optimization patch.

 Source: Developer’s Blog

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6 years ago

Even 20fps is bad. I dont understand how somebody can release a game which is running 10fps. Total scam.

Black Dragon
Black Dragon
6 years ago
Reply to  MMNN

Wtf are you saying? The game is fucking free. And this only occurs during gvg or world boss timebecause almost every fucking mmo got this issue when it comes to massive fight. If you can’t show a little respect then you can fuck right off, jerk.