Warframe Will Release On Nintendo Switch On November 20th


Warframe is expanding to yet another console! During this year’s Nintendo Direct presentation, Digital Extremes announced that the sci-fi MMO shooter will be available for digital download on Nintendo Switch starting November 20th.

“In Warframe you will master the Warframe armor as the enigmatic Tenno, a race of ancient warriors wielding blade and gun, who are awakened from centuries of cryo-sleep by a mysterious guide, the Lotus, to restore order throughout the Solar System. Tenno will experiment with Warframe’s blisteringly fast Parkour movement system, giving them the ability to Wall-Dash up walls, Bullet Jump across vast terrain and Dive-Kick into a teeming crowd of Grineer, among other moves.”

Watch the trailer below and visit the official announcement for more information.

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5 years ago

Oiiii good stuff