Wild Buster: Heroes of Titan Changes Name To Champions of Titan & Goes Free-to-play


Wild Buster: Heroes of Titan is an odd cross-over between hack’n’slash MOBA and MMORPG that was initially released as a free-to-play game in South Korea. Its publisher InselGames released the game as buy-to-play in North America just five months ago in December of 2017. Now Insel Games has decided to transfer Wild Buster’s publishing rights to IDC Games, a publishing studio with other MMORPGs like Weapons of Mythology: New Age and Margonem.

The transfer has changed the name of the game altogether from Wild Buster: Heroes of Titan to Champions of Titan. The new publisher has also decided to use a free-to-play business model, perhaps as Insel Games should have done when Wild Buster first launched in the West.

The freshly named Champions of Titan will go into closed beta in June of 2018. I’ll take a wild guess and say that the game will likely have no differences to Wild Buster, so a “closed beta” may just be to grab some quick founder’s packs money. Wild Buster… or Champions of Titan features isometric point-of-view, 500+ varied quests and MOBA style 5v5 & 10v10 PvP modes. You can sign up for the beta on the Champions of Titan site.

Source: Champions of Titan Site

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Tolga Gül
Tolga Gül
5 years ago

I was once a Founder, i purchased Ultimate Pack in Wild Busters: Heroes of Titan. When i tried to launch the Game through Steam, it gave me error, so i thought i should check this matter. I have seen that this Game now belongs to IDC-Games and is named ” Champions of Titan “. So the question was now ” what is with my purchase and will i get any compensation in CoT? ” Having this question in Mind, i sent a Support Ticket to IDC-Games. The answer i got was this: ” Sorry but the problem was with Insel, we can’t do anything about this. Best Regards ” I have been scammed by Insel and now the new Publisher doesn’t give a damn about me either, i can’t do anything against this with Law-Ways either. What i personaly think… Read more »