Wild Terra Is Free-To-Try Through April 3rd For European Players


In celebration of the holidays, Wild Terra, the sandbox open world multiplayer RPG is allowing all players from European regions to freely play on one of its European servers. Granted, this only allows you to try the game’s test client. You will still need to purchase the game to access the live servers and live client. During this time, a 30% discount has been made available.

An event called Fools’ Day has also been activated for the test server and live servers. Mining iron deposits may result in a bounty of a Fool’s Chest which may contain unique cosmetics; Witch’s Hat and Pumpkin Helmet.


How can I play it?

To play the test server, download the test client and make an account. To access the main servers, purchase Wild Terra either on Steam or through their official site. Free access will cease on April 3rd.

Source: http://steamcommunity.com/games/500710/announcements/detail/1664518066114886599

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