Wild West Online Adds New Character Customization Options & Novice Servers – Reviews Still At Mostly Negative


Wild West Online has announced a new patch update, v0.8.528 that comes with improvements to quality of life and basic game features. Players below level 20 will be forced to join the “novice servers”, a new hot bar will allow players to switch between their guns and more easily use their items, and new hair colors have been added to the character creation.

Wild West Online has stayed at a Mostly Negative rating level on Steam since the game launched on May 10, 2018. Some common criticisms are of lack of content, lack of polish when it comes to features, and lack of MMO aspects in the gameplay. Check out the full list of changes that comes with the latest update on the official forums.

NOVICE SERVERS. If players character are below level 20, and if ALL characters in a group are below level 20, they will be joining “novice” servers. If any of the players in a group are level 20 and above, group will be joining “general population” servers.

GUN WHEEL and HOTBAR. We’ve replaced gun Wheel ( CTRL key by default ) with new UI as well as added “hot bar” allowing players to switch between guns and use certain items more conveniently in a fast paced shooter environment.

HAIR COLORS. Added ability to choose hair colors on character creation. More hair styles are coming.

HIDEOUT CABINS. Removed ability to access Global Storage from Hideout cabins. Changed what you can craft while at hideout cabins.

PLANTATIONS. You can deploy Farm blocks, animal traps inside plantation radius. For now this is per server. Later we’ll add full persistence across servers.

GOLD STREAM MINER. Can be placed only near water.

BARRICADES. Can be now placed only within Town Capture event radius or near deployed Campsites.

Source: Wild West Online Forums

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