Wild West Online Steam Launch On May 10 With Defined Conflict Faction PvP Changes


Wild West Online, the upcoming open-world MMORPG where players roam the untamed and often lawless lands of the American Wild West is finally leaving Early Access and will fully launch on Steam on May 10, 2018.

Wild West Online developer, 612 Games states that the live launch will include the addition of a rival faction global conflict to the world, major PvP events in the open world, more PvE missions and side events. Based on feedback from early alpha tests, the developers have given more structure to the PvP aspects of the game. The rival faction global conflict aims to provide a non-restricted open-world PvP with a defined conflict, so the experience isn’t just players gunning everything down in their paths. More and improved side activities will be seen in the launch version and in updates to come.

A Steam key will be sent to those who purchase Wild West Online now as well as the ability to access the Early Access version immediately, receive 10 gun skin bags, 10 cosmetic bags and more importantly, a two day head start before the game launches on Steam.

  • Play Early Access Version Of The Game Today
  • 10 Garment Bags – Assortment Of Cosmetic Items To Alter The Look Of Your Character
  • 10 Gun Skin Bags – Assortment Of Gun Skins To Customize Look Of Your Guns
  • Advance Access – 48 Hour Headstart

Source: Wild West Online Site

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