Wild West Online Will Release A Free Trial Version & Replace Faction-based PvP With Sheriffs Vs Outlaw


DJ2 Entertainment has announced a new set of major changes to the recently released Wild West Online. No later than June 15th, a new patch will be deployed that will bring the removal of “Mcfarlanes vs Steele” type of factions, the return of Sheriffs vs Outlaw as core gameplay, a free trial version and more.

Defined faction PvP was added when Wild West Online launched on Steam on May 10th and now they have chosen to remove the system due to its addition of unnecessary complexities to gameplay mechanics. As a replacement to the new “Mcfarlanes vs Steele” type of faction PvP, Sheriffs vs Outlaw will become the new two main factions in the game.

A free trial version of the game will be made available on the Wild West Online website as well as on the Steam store page. The free trial version will let players level only up to level 20. No experience will be accumulated after reaching that level. Free trial players will also not receive rewards or unlock any achievements.

The upcoming update will also include a redesign of town capture mechanics, weapon adjustments, barricade placement locations changes, removal of global storage access and more.

Source: Wild West Online Forums

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